Hi! Welcome to my BRAND NEW site!!! I am SO excited about this launch!! It’s been about a year since I really pursued my business. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, I started in high school and kept it has a hobby for years! Last November, I got the itch to take my hobby and turn it into something more. I invested in all new gear and education from some of the industry leaders. I am so excited to be on this business journey and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!


A little about me- I’m Jessica. I’m 25, a mom of two sweet little girls and a sweet fur baby, married to my college sweet heart, lover of craft beer, popsicles, holidays, and spinach-artichoke dip. Yep- you can bet that I will order spinach-artichoke dip anytime I’m at a restaurant. I can’t help it!


I wanted to focus my website more on wedding photography. Although I do still LOVE shooting seniors and families, and I will continue to do so, I wanted my website to really speak to those dreamy, newly engaged, wedding planning couples. I’ve found over the past year that my sweet spot is with couples!


A new year approaching means time to think of a few resolutions. This year instead of making a resolution to keep on track with laundry or exercise more, I want to commit more to my business! And that includes blogging!!! I will be blogging every session and wedding of 2019, as well as anything else my heart desires to post about!


As well as blogging in 2019, I am working on creating an entire new “Client Experience”. I am SO excited to start implementing this in my business!!


Continue to check back to see what I am up to!



  1. Karlie Warwick says:

    Hello! I was wondering about prices for a possible surprise proposal shoot, or just couples pictures in general!

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