Amanda & Austin – A Golf Course Wedding

When I first started talking with Amanda it wasn’t about wedding photography, it was actually about nursing jobs! Amanda works for a nursing staffing company and I was looking for a local staffing job and when I was explaining to her that I wanted a job without weekends (hard to come by in nursing) because I was also a wedding photographer she mentioned she was recently engaged and planning her wedding! The rest is history!

Amanda and Austin’s engagement sessions was one of my all time favorites! We hung out on the bluffs of Lake Michigan at the college where they met- Concordia in Mequon. The weather was perfect, and apart from having to walk up and down a gazillion stairs to the lakefront, it was beautiful!!

Now onto the wedding day, Amanda planned an absolutely stunning fall wedding. But if you know anything about Wisconsin weather… can be sunny and 65 degrees one day in early October, and the next it can be cloudy, damp, windy, etc. That was the case for the Padilla’s wedding day… but we worked with it and you would have absolutely NO idea looking at the photos that we were dealing with crazy winds!

Amanda and Austin spent the morning at different locations getting ready for the big day. Austin was hanging out with his guys at a local hotel and Amanda was with all her ladies at the wedding venue!

When everyone was ready we got set up for the first look!!! My favorite part of a wedding day, SO MUCH is put into this moment and I LOVE watching it unfold. Austin had the perfect response to seeing his bride for the first time! The pictures speak for themselves!

The day went on as smoothly as could be, from beautiful bridal party photos, to a ceremony filled with so much love.

Amanda had one final surprise for Austin before the reception officially started…. A little backstory- Austin LOVES LOVES LOVES Batman. You’ll see in some of the photos that he has a Batman tattoo on his wrist and Amanda surprised him on the wedding day by showing him she too got a Batman tattoo on her wrist…. Amanda rented an actual Bat-mobile for Austin to drive!!!! This was so much fun, almost everyone BUT Austin knew about this surprise and it unfolded perfectly!

The night ended with love filled speeches and crazy dance moves.

Amanda & Austin- I wish you two a lifetime of love and happiness!!! I can’t wait to watch what you two do next.

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