I have many roles in my life- mother,  nurse,  friend,  daughter,  sister,  wife, dog owner, photographer. Often I get asked, "You are so busy! How do you have time for everything". And the answer is- I have to make it! I LOVE all the roles I have in life, and feel incredibly blessed to be able to fulfill each one!!

 My favorite color is yellow, I am not a fan of hot weather unless I can be in the water, and I love to eat my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies. I am a mom to two sweet little girls and am currently pregnant with our THIRD GIRL!!! Hello Girl Gang!!!!

I feel so grateful to be so happily welcomed into my clients’ lives, to learn their love story, to share in their joy, and to celebrate with them as they commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives!

 I am passionate about serving my clients and providing them with the one-of-a-kind experience they deserve!

i'm Jessica ,

So nice to meet you!!!

My 3 Babies!

I LOVE smoothies, my all time favorite would be a mango smoothie. But I'll gladly have any flavor, any time, any where.

My favorite things in my house are my pretty gray couch, and my neutral canvas drapes. I'm a little bit of a Chip & JoJo fan-girl (but who isn't). I'mcurrently trying to decide what color to paint our kitchen cabinets!!! (But let's be honest, I am sure they will end up being some shade of white or gray). 

A Good Book
I have ALWAYS loved to read! Growing up my mom always would read a few chapters of a book to my sister and I.... I still always read a book before falling asleep at night!

My favorite things

 She prioritizes photos on her wedding day. she knows how important those photos will be to her in the future years and looks forward to printing them to hang all over her house!!!


she loves to laugh and have fun, she loves to surround herself with her family and friends that pour so much joy into her life and wedding day. 


She loves all the pretty details!!! She has picked out the most beautiful florals, she has something old, new, borrowed and blue, she spent time creating beautiful invitations, She has imagined all the special small details and moments of her big day!


what makes a JM bride